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What’s for dinner…?

Pair of Hive soldiers walking the corridors

“What’s for dinner?


“What’s on the menu?

“Whaddya mean what’s on the menu? Squirrel… what else…”

“I meeaaaan… what TYPE of squirrel… I just hope it’s not stew or cassarole again. Boring and blech…”

“I don’t know what’s on the menu…”

“That new chef, that one that transferred in from Hive 28, is supposed to be awesome… super experimental and all that.”

“I don’t care.”

“Sally said he makes a wicked south western squirrel kebab.”

(grunts an I don’t care)

“And apparently he invented this new Squirrel Burger – it’s crazy – something like fried Squirrel bits with honey and Jalapenos…”

“I don’t like experiments…” (cyber implant technical glitch sparks from neck)

awkward silence

“so what do you have with your cereal in the morning? Squirrel milk… or soy?

“I don’t eat cereal!” (more sparks)

“Oooohh… so your more of a porridge guy. [pair turns corner / audio fading] Still, I prefer the Squirrel Milk – it’s amazing how they make that. I saw this show the other day…”

[shotgun chamber sound]