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The KAWAII 4000 chipset assists humans to avoid extreme levels of insanity.

By tapping directly into the brain and modifying incoming vision streams, KAWAII tech transforms the mutated horrors of the enemy, overlaying it’s own AI generated reality upon it…

This still somewhat experimental device was deemed safe for human implantation and general use by OrbTech’s chief safety officer within minutes of the first test subject confirming “It’s so cute… my life is perfect… hail Hive Command!”

Endorsed by the Elite as a “quick and simple way to lighten up an otherwise miserable day”,  KAWAII AR chips were implanted into any hiver brain with enough credits to pay for the device – at a 1000% markup of course.

The procedure itself was free…

Unfortunately, most hivers were unable to pay their monthly subscription fees.

Rather than having their ‘new happiness’ turned off,  almost all connected lives willingly indentured themselves to the corporation.   Anything was better than experiencing the excruciating reality of every day hive life…